Mary, november 2013

Our trip to Tanzania and Zanzibar was absolutely incredible! We had no idea what to expect but it was truly a trip of a lifetime! Every day was an adventure! On safari we saw so many animals in their natural habitat and had the opportunity to watch them do what they do. We also had the thrill of spending a night with a Maasai tribe and visiting two other tribes to see up close how they live and survive. Our safari drivers were outstanding! Our driver, Jarrod, was very knowledgeable, professional and a very nice person. Our accommodations were clean and comfortable and the food was very good. Spending time after the safari in Zanzibar was fabulous! We enjoyed the sun, water and relaxation. Zanzibar is beautiful and a nice change of pace after the busy safari. Our guide, Hazze Sandstrom, was cool, calm and always on top of things! I felt very comfortable having him overseeing our entire trip. It was wonderful having a “go to” person with us at all times. His fluency in Swahili was impressive and I’m sure helpful on many occasions. Hazze’s love for Tanzania and its people is evident, genuine and beautiful. He truly helped to make this trip all that it was! /Mary, november 2013